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Over the years I’ve kind of worked my way around Photoshop – but wouldn’t profess to be an expert.

Having a few minutes this morning before work I decided that I’d have a quick play with the new Content Aware Fill feature in Photoshop CS5. All I can say is “Wow!”

The following is one of a number of shots of a beautiful sunrise last year that I eventually stitched into a panorama – now printed 48″ x 12″ inches and hanging on my wall (I’ll do a full post on that later).

At the time there was a big crane in the skyline that, whilst it could be an interesting feature, for me spoiled the shot. At the time I tried using cloning and the healing brush in CS4 to get rif of the crane but, given my limited post-processing skills the results weren’t fantastic. So I thought I’d have a play with ‘Content Aware Fill’.

Before editing with Content Aware Fill - now you see the crane

After editing with Content Aware Fill - and now you don't

For the first attempt I selected the whole crane with the Lasso tool and ran the Content Aware Fill. The results were OK but some artefacts could be seen. So I had another go selecting small areas at a time and running the fill. A little bit of healing brush just to tidy things up and “Voila” – done. From start to finish took a couple of minutes.

To whoever came up with this at Adobe – thank you.

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