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Fine tuning a landscape – Part Four

Cropping for composition

I had three main reasons for wanting to crop the final image.

  1. Most importantly, I wanted to have the hedge as a lead-line from the bottom left of the final image to the Wrekin, drawing the eye across and up the frame
  2. I wanted to get rid of the metal post in the end of the hedge
  3. Finally, I wanted to remove some of the ‘dead ground’ at the front of the foreground

After cropping, I was left with the following final image.

The final image after all post-processing

For comparison, here’s the initial ‘quick and dirty’ post-processing I did on the day I took the picture.

Shropshire landscape picture.

The original post-processing

The final image is now waiting to be printed and framed before hanging on the wall.

I hope that this series of posts has been interesting and that detailing the techniques I’ve used will come in useful if you ever find you need to do the same thing yourself.


ps. The observant among you may have noticed that I used a different image second time around. I preferred the cloud formations in the second image on closer inspection.

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