Take nothing but pictures
Leave nothing but footprints

Land ahoy!!

While away at regatta week on the Norfolk Broads last week I went to the village summer fête. It all felt a little Midsomer Murders and we did joke about which half of the village population would survive the week.

Amongst all the unwanted bric-a-brac on offer I found a Polaroid SX 70 Land Camera for sale – for the princely sum of £1. If you’re wondering, this is what it looks like:

Polaroid SX 70 Land Camera

Polaroid SX 70 Land Camera

It is still in its original box and contains all the instructions and even the original purchase receipt.

I bought it for it’s historic value – not anticipating being able to get hold of any film. I’ve never been happier to be wrong.

After Polaroid closed down their factory in 2009 a businessman stepped in and took up the reins – dubbed The Impossible Project. They sell both B&W and colour film for the camera so card at the ready I’m off shopping.

I feel a project coming on :-) Keep an eye out for the results

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