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Misty morning in Pembrokeshire

The day after we arrived on holiday I was up early (my body clock still hadn’t switched off). Stepping outside with a coffee to enjoy the sunrise I had a wonderful view of mist rising in the valley from the garden of the cottage. A quick dash inside to grab the camera and here are some of the results.

Picture of a misty sunrise over Pwll Deri, Pembrokeshire

Picture of a misty sunrise over Pwll Deri, Pembrokeshire

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I had a bit of a panorama frenzy while I was away. The image below is a stitch of seven images taken in landscape on the Sony Alpha 900 with the 70-200G lens at 160mm blended in Autopano Pro software.

To see a larger version of the panorama click the link below. The linked image is 3,000 pixels wide so opens in a new browser window. The original stitched version is over 21,000 pixels wide and if printed at 300 dpi would be 1.8m x 30cm (approx). Not sure if I’ll get it printed though – not enough room on the walls and the framing would cost a fortune!!

Stitched image of misty sunrise over Pwll Deri, Pemrokeshire

More to come including more big panoramas :-)

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  • Tim Sharp Photography

    Smashing photos..love the tones!

  • http://www.allkins.co.uk Dominic Allkins

    Cheers Tim. Normally I moan about my body clock not switching off, but I was pleased on the morning I took these shots :-)