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On art and interpretation

As I started planning my pictures for Assignment One (Contrasts) my thoughts turned to how interpretive I could be with some of the subjects.

The particular contrast I was thinking about is the dark/light combination. I had in mind – and may still shoot it this way anyway – a couple of portraits using mood to portray dark and light, i.e. someone laughing for light and a pensive moody shot for dark. To emphasise the point I was thinking about shooting the ‘light’ laughing shot high-key and the ‘dark’ moody shot low-key.

To me this seems a valid expression and interpretation of the contrast, but I thought I’d run it by my tutor first to see what he thought of the interpretation. He suggested that it may be a bit too abstract at this stage and that being a bit more obvious would be the way to go at this stage.

Seems a shame really since one of the things I was hoping to be able to do with the course was to expand my repertoire and style of shooting – breaking me out of my comfort zone a little.

As I said, I may still shoot it this way as the use of high and low key will definitely be light and dark irrespective of the mood being portrayed. It is an art course after all 😉

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  • http://www.timsharpphotography.com/blog/ Tim Sharp Photography

    I reckon it’s always good to try these ideas out whether they end up being your best shots or not working at all, I had lots of failed attempts with the first assignment but learnt a lot from failing.