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Shropshire landscape – grab shot

How often have you found yourself driving along the road and seen something that you immediately recognise would be a great photo but know that you have no chance of stopping anywhere to get the shot?

Well a couple of years ago it was one of those rare occasions when I was able to stop and the resulting picture is below.

Shropshire landscape. Click for larger image.

Driving down a winding country lane between Telford and Shawbury in Shropshire on the way to my folks having picked the kids up for the weekend, I looked to my left and saw the shot. The kids rolled their eyes as I jammed on the brakes, pulled over and grabbed the camera which I always try and keep at the ready to get the shot.

For me, if you’ll pardon me being a little (well a lot) immodest, the reason this is such a nice photo is down in most parts to composition.

Obviously I’ve done a little cropping to get the image to the size it is, but not too much. What I’ve tried to do with the crop is to use the ‘Rule of Thirds’ and use the hedge on the left of the frame to create a flow to the hill (called The Wrekin) in the background.

This was originally posted on my old blog and has been updated since to take into account the time since then. I subsequently added a series of posts about further fine tuning this in post processing which I’ll be adding over the next few days.

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