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The camera never lies – Part 3

It doesn’t take much to decide that the image below is clearly Photoshopped. Granted it’s a nicely done job – but a Photoshop job nonetheless.

Photoshopped flooded house

Given that it’s so obviously a ‘shop job you’d think that no-one in their right mind would try and use this to try and promote a serious and environmentally important message, would you???

Well they did.

The scare-mongers at US National Climatic Data Centre (NCDC) in their 2008 draft report used the above image to show how flooding was increasing because of global warming climate change. You can read the full story at Watts Up With That.

And to show that they’re not averse to presenting dodgy images just once, see the fisking of the 2009 State of the Climate report – again at Watts Up With That.

It’s not so much the camera that lies in these cases – but the users of the image.

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