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The value of point & shoot cameras

Much as I love my A900 and all the lenses that go with it, lugging the gear around isn’t really feasible on an everyday basis. That’s why I carry my Canon G10 around with everywhere.

Tim Sharp, another OCA Photography degree student has recently purchased a Canon Powershot SX120is point & shoot camera and posted some excellent shots on his blog, one of which I’ve included below (Tim – kick my ass if I’ve been bad in using this here).

Tinned by Tim Sharp

Go have a look at the images he posted on his blog and also at his flickr photostream.  Tim’s a talented guy.

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    Thanks Dominic..appreciate the comments and the link! I’m not sure about the talented part just yet but I agree a point and shoot camera (even a cheapy one) can be indispensable to carry around for every day use. I’ve even used it to take some of my images for my first OCA assignment.